Why risk your reputation with an inaccurate test?

Is this a risk you want to continue to take?

Eliminate unnecessary risks by using the RH specification for each of your flooring projects. The RH spec gives you exactly what you need for accurate moisture testing of concrete slabs.

You can download it right here.

Discover the New Global Standard in Moisture Measurement for Concrete Slabs

What if you were able to manage your risk with the new global standard that is scientifically accurate?

You can do so by downloading the new CSI formatted three part specification for Concrete In-Situ Relative Humidity and pH Testing. It’s right here.

The RH spec ensures you’re using the moisture test that’s appropriate for all types of concrete, including lightweight applications. Plus no other test will give you faster, more reliable results.

Relative humidity is the only method that’s necessary because it reveals the true moisture condition within the concrete, which is what the floor covering will see after it’s installed.

– Howard Kanare, former Senior Principal Scientist with CTLGroup

Specify RH Moisture Testing with Confidence for Your next Flooring Project

You can be confident in your flooring results whenever you apply RH testing. So refer to the new RH spec whenever you plan your next flooring project.

Share the RH specifications with your colleagues at your next meeting. It can help you build your reputation.