You can lower your risk for moisture problems when you know what a manufacturer’s ASTM F2170 Relative Humidity threshold is for the specified floor.

You can get the list of the major manufacturers and their specifications for flooring installation right here.

Keep this handy list nearby. It gives you over 120 major manufacturers’ relative humidity specifications. That way you can recommend the best solution to reduce moisture risks.

Know the RH Specifications for Each of Your Flooring Projects

When you use the RH test for moisture, you’ll meet the requirements of many manufacturers. This way you can be sure that the concrete is dry enough to install the floor.

The RH tests can provide us with information before, during and after the drying process, which can only help us to make a better determination if the concrete is dry and ready to receive floor covering of any type.

– Claudia Lezell, past President of the Flooring Technology Institute